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There are many acronyms and abbreviations found throughout the website that come from a wide variety of documents supplied to us from many different sources and covering several decades.  It is impossible to create a standard protocol as a result without individually editing every single article when our articles in our files number in the thousands.  For this reason, some words may have more than one acronym.

Listed here is a slowly growing list of the acronyms and colloquial words used on this website.

Acronym and Definitions

  • A/C: Air Commodore.
  • A. 24: A = Attack. 24 = 24th different make of aircraft in the Attack Group.
  • AB41: (A24+B17= AB41)  A composite aircraft made by using most of an A 24 Douglas "Dauntless Dive Bomber" with an Engine & Propellor Assembly from a B' 17 'Flying Fortress" Bomber.
  • B.17.C:  B = Bombardment; 17 = 17th different make in the Bombardment Group; C = The 3rd. Model of that group.
  • Beau: Beaufighter
  • C.O. + C/O: Commanding Officer.
  • D.C.2, DC = Douglas Commercial; 2 = 2nd model in that category.
  • DH.84: DH = De Havilland; 84 = 84th model manufactured since De Havillands started making Aircraft.
  • F/Lt: Flight Lieutenant.
  • G/C: Group Captain.
  • H.Q: Head Quarters.
  • N.W.A: North West Area.
  • O.T.U: Operational Training School.
  • R 40-E: P = Pursuit; 40 = 40th different make in the Pursuit Group; E = model of that particular type.
  • R.A.A.F: Royal Australian Air Force.
  • S/L: Squadron Leader.
  • SQN: Squadron
  • U.S.A.A.F: United States Army Air Force.
  • V-12 Merlin: Merlin = A type of engine made by Rolls Royce; 12 = cylinder engine with 2 banks of 6 cylinders arranged in the form of a Vee.