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30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association

30SQN has a proud record in Australian military history. We formed in 1942 on the wave of the Japanese advance into New Guinea, just a few hours flight from Australia. Young men just out of school who were as young as 18 came in their tens of thousands to sign up at Recruitment offices to join what is now called the Australian Defence Force. These young lads were just begining their careers as students, trainees and apprentices across many different fields such as agriculture, business and mechanical engineering. Several hundred of these were sent to 30 Squadron at RAAF Station Richmond, 50kms north-west of Sydney, now called RAAF Base Richmond.

In the following 3 1/2 years the squadrons strength was around 200 men and a gross total of 502 men served in the Squadron in both aircrew, grounds crew and administration personel during this period. Over 12.5% of these would be killed carrying out their duty, that's around 60% of the squadron's general operational strength. It should also be noted that not a single aircrew
member of 30SQN shot down over enemy territory survived capture at the hands of the Japanese. This itself is a testimony to the effect these aircrews had on devastating their supply lines, airfields and front line troops and how the enemy felt about our aircrews as they feel into their hands.

This website is a record for future generations as we believe those that forget history are condemed to repeat it. No member of our squadron and association, past and present, wish this to happen. Education is the key to peace.

The surviving members have provided personal stories, notations, photographs, and records, including diaries to be used to educate people about the activities of 30SQN. Many emotions are brought together throughout this website are funny and humours, as well as tragic and very sad. Although we have been careful not to display graphic language, text and images, we have decided that some of these are required to create a balance and remind us that wartime activites can be very unromantic. Therefore you may occasionally find some of these facts

We would like this site to be a depository and a collective of all things 30SQN and all things Beaufighter, worldwide. Please read on if you are interested.

We Continue to Encourage the Public to
Provide Articles and Information for Our Wesbite

Just as the bulk of the remaining Great War verterans rapidly disappeared in the 1980's, we are now experiencing this with our own respected WWII veterans
and long time associaiton members who are now sadly dwindling rapidly. The importance of this site being their documented legacy is growing.

It is a sad fact that a lot of material and records will not make it into our hands that is worthy to be collated on this website. If only the www was around 30 years ago as it is today. However, we believe there are many sons and daughters of ex-servicemen and also people in general with an interest in this period and military avionics who do have documents, photographs and occasional artifacts that they may like to share with us on this website. We encourage you to make contact with us if you have anything you consider may be of interest. It's a very painless experience to press the 'contact us' button to the left!

We also would like to encourage researchers, writers and the general public with an interest in 30SQN and the Beaufighter to particpate by submitting articles to include on our website that we have not covered, or that may even compliment the articles and photographs we have.

We also encourage school and educational projects/essays that are developed to a standard that could be displayed here. Viewing our website may give you several good ideas.

Assets we are always looking for include information and articles on these subjects:
  • 30SQN RAAF: Personnel, history, 
  • Beaufighter: Bristol/DAP, RAAF, all Air Forces (and images)
  • Beaufighters in still existance today: restorations, in storage, surviving as wrecks on land or in sea.
  • Beaufighter models: flying remote controlled, how to build etc

Assets Source we are always seeking include
  • Old Newspaper Articles
  • Old and New Magazine Articles
  • Wartime Photographs
  • Recent Photographs of functions, overseas locations the SQN was deployed, recently discovered airwrecks
  • Personal Wartime Diaries (scanned or converted to text)
  • Official documentation

There are a number of task and articles that we are hoping volunteers can provide to us over time. These include:
  1. Identifying people, places and activities in photographs on our webiste that are not yet identified
  2. Proof reading our articles and suggesting ammendments.
  3. Correcting any information that is wrong in any part of our website, including evidence to support a change.
  4. Supply of new assests and better quality assets than those displayed.

We would like articles to be written on a whole aray of subject matter relating to 30SQN and the beaufighter both directly and broadly such as:
  • Personal account of war times activities, such as the Battle of the Bismark Sea
  • Comparing the Beaufighter with other twin engined attack aircraft of the era
Credits will be acknowledged for all articles. Copyright may remain with the author, as long as we have an open licence for our website.

We also like to build links with other reptuable websites in return for a back link to ours. If you have a website and would like to exchange links, please contact us.